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All Inclusive Kits

Whatever your requirement, we spend the time to package and organize it into one kit.  No need for multiple boxes to meet both Federal and State laws.

Unmatched Protection

All of our first aid kits come packaged in durable, military grade poly cases.  We go a step further by heat sealing the contents in heavy duty poly bags to add a second layer of protection against dust and moisture.  

Organized for Easy Use

Modular style packaging takes the guess work out of locating the needed supplies during a medical emergency.  Kits contents are separated and clearly labeled according to injury type.  This allows medical technicians to treat multiple injuries effectively and more efficiently.


First Responders

Small first responder kits are ideal for treating day to day minor injuries without compromising large kits required for compliance.


Total Customization

Customers can customize any of our existing kits or provide their own specification.  We will package and assign a unique part number to meet your needs.


Maintain compliance with our rebuild service.  We pick up your kit, clean and inventory the contents, then add any missing items to bring it back to the original spec.  

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