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Complete Fire Hose Kits

When it comes to firefighting, the first line of defense is often the most critical. Our complete hose kits provide first responders with all the tools needed to quickly attack and extinguish mine fires. We use high quality, American made components packaged for durability and rapid deployment to give our customers the best fire protection in the industry.

Thread Protection  & Adapters

Incorrect or damaged outlet threads could be a recipe for disaster during a mine fire.  Our line of CNC machined, aluminum adapters is the smart  solution.  They convert tapered pipe thread (NPT) to common fire hose threads (NPSH or NST) providing fast, leak free connections at the outlet.  The flat sealing edge won't damage hose gaskets like a pipe nipple.  Each adapter includes a tethered protective cap marked with a reflective decal.

MSHA Approved Fire Hose

Our American-made, lightweight, flame resistant jacketed and rubber lined fire hose features self-extinguishing properties and is guaranteed to meet the demands of underground fire fighting.  It is available in single jacket or double jacket construction with high quality polyester reinforced outer jacket and durable MSHA Approved rubber liner. All polyester outer jackets provide superior cut, puncture and abrasion resistance while enhancing protection of a kink resistant rubber liner that guarantees reliable flow.

Portable Foam Units

The ''HANDY FOAM'' portable foam unit has a polyethylene reservoir with 2.6 gallon capacity.  It comes with 20 GPM low and medium expansion foam attachments that can be connected to the nozzle and exchanged depending on the use. Interchangeable, calibrated orifices of 0.4, 1, 3, and 6 percent allow the user to set the desired concentration of the foam product.  

Stationary Foam Units

Equipped with a 100' semi-rigid hose reel and in-line foam eductor, our foam stations are designed to be installed in areas such as preparation plants and conveyor drives.  Quickly and easily attack fires in less than 1 minute following a few simple steps.  Custom configurations are available for both surface and underground applications.

Quality Protection

Mine Guardian

Municipal style attack nozzle designed for coal mining and made in America.  With a true 1.5" bore, this fully adjustable fog nozzle easily flows 95 gpm @ 100 psi.   Aluminum construction resists corrosion.

Class A Foam

Environmentally responsible Knockdown®, Class A foam concentrate, is a unique new formulation providing unmatched firefighting performance and flexibility. Knockdown is specially designed for use in Class A/B foam systems and is excellent for Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS).

Outlet Test Kit

Stay in compliance with this compact fire outlet test kit.  Includes a machined aluminum 0-300 psi in-line pressure gauge assembly with 50 gpm at 50 psi orifice cap. and MSHA pressure application chart.

Fire Hose Testing Service

Exchange Program

Customers who purchase fire hose kits can take advantage of our annual exchange pressure testing service.  We provide a replacement hose that  is exchanged for a hose from your kit.  Label the removed hose with the provided tag and return for testing.  We send the results electronically.

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